Energy Diary

Colder inside than out

Sète, France • Corinne, 40, single mother, four children, assistant to unemployed persons, renter.

Corrine’s apartment is classified ‘indecent’; because it has wet closets, walls and windows, the family’s clothes are moldy.

© Stéphanie Lacombe

© Stéphanie Lacombe

I have support from Revenu de solidarité active (RSA); but once all my bills are paid, I have €70/month left. I go without heat during the day while the children are at school. Sometimes, it goes down to 13°C in the living room; some days, it's colder inside than in the street.

During the holidays, my daughter stays in bed all day, under the duvet with the cats to keep her warm. In the evening we sit on the floor together, below the radiator. Still, it is just 16°C.

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